Hey all. I’ll be brief. Only facts.


The new code for the leaderboard is ready, so the only thing to do was to deploy it for both BEPSwap and Multi-chain Chaosnet.



Unfortunately, I didn’t spend a lot of time on this project. However, I am progressing slowly but surely. What was done:

  • MCCN connection and solving compatibility issues
  • Parsing all types of TX, extraction TX’s volume
  • Working on TX animations
  • Logging major events in a debugging GUI
  • Developing the object and class hierarchy

aiothornode: Python library

Yay! Finally, it is published on PyPi and everyone is able to install it using the pip packet manager.

THORChain Monitoring bot

The bulk of this month’s work is the Telegram bot. Look at the list of tasks done:

  • Multi-chain support for Liquidity Reports
  • A new crypto logo downloader for multiple chains, including ERC20 tokens
  • Bug fixing in the bot’s dialogs to support MC
  • Improved formatting of money strings and other small visual changes
  • “Fees”-section is included in LP report (MCCN and SCCN)
An example of a single pool LP card
  • Fixed exception when trying to delete “loading” sticker
  • Implemented a local module for preparing Liquidity provider reports to replace the 3rd party API and avoid compatibility problems
  • The “Fees”-section is also included in the summary LP card.
  • 14-day chart for LP Summary reports!
An example of an LP summary card with a chart and fees.
  • Improved USD/Rune price calculation (weighted mean across stable-coin pools).
  • Universal pool state caching for every block height ever encountered.
  • TLV as sum of MCCN TLV and BEPSwap TLV.
  • THORChain stats button in the Metrics menu (User number, bond, add, withdraw stats, network security, APYs, and so on plus 24-hour change)
  • A new daily update of THORChain stats at the alert channel
  • Summary about THORChain nodes in the Metrics menu (status, IP, version, bond, slash points)
  • A new notification on Node churn (what nodes are churning in and out)
    Stickers for #RAISETHECAPS alerts to make them more noticeable
  • Some minor layout and formatting enhancements
  • Link to the Chaosnetleaders at the metrics menu.
  • Now the bot regularly polls and stores the actual values of the constants and Mimir (for LP calculations and further use).
  • LP report generator performance is significantly improved by removing excessive Midgard requests (not published yet)
  • Started to implement IL protection calculator
  • Fixed crash when sending an RGBA PNG picture as a document to the avatar creator.
  • Fixed error connected with localization in the broadcasting module.
  • As usual, a lot of small bug fixes and code refactoring.
  • QA of course!


MCCN Alert channel (English): https://t.me/thorchain_alert
MCCN Alert channel (Russian): https://t.me/thorchain_alert_rus
MCCN Bot: https://t.me/thor_infobot

BEPSwap alerts: https://t.me/bepswap_alert
BEPSwap Bot: https://t.me/thorchain_monitoring_bot


Also I am working on BEPSwap Impermanent Loss protection coverage calculator for all eligible members (this is for the sake of a community perspective).


Here are the plans for next month:

  1. Personal notifications in the THORChain monitoring bot. I will probably add tools to facilitate node operators, such as slash points monitoring and node’s health monitoring.
  2. Embed IL coverage figures into LP reports.
  3. Finish all the basic animations for the Runiverse and present a dev preview.

Thank you, THOR Warriors. Be healthy and wealthy!



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